Andreas Bertsch

has worked since 1997 as a lawyer in Zurich, first for the law firm Nobel & Hug in Zurich and since 2002 independently with his team.

Beat Brändli

has as well worked for Nobel & Hug from 2014 to 2016 and was assistant professor for corporate law, financial markets law and civil procedure at University of St. Gallen until early 2021. He continues to work part-time in academia and is an additonal judge at the District Court of Baden since 2017.

Since early 2021 Andreas Bertsch and Beat Brändli co-operate.  We are a collective of independent lawyers. Each lawyer executes the mandates for his clients in his individual responsibility.

We understand ourselves as general practitioners

with a strong economic background. Our clients expect advice that extends beyond narrow legal fields and includes practical, economic, psychological, political and strategic aspects. When necessary, we cooperate with external experts with whom we normally have established relationships. In international cases we can activate our personal network of lawyers in mostly small and medium sized law firms abroad, who share our commitment to the needs of our clients and to pragmatic solutions. We strive to devise creative and efficient solutions in cooperation with our clients. If disputes arise, we advise our clients on ways to minimize risks and avoid litigation. We regularly contribute to timely resolutions of disputes through negotiations. However, we are not afraid to litigate.